IPPG Fellowship Degree Award Program


Starting in 2017, IPPG is reactivating a slightly improved version of our very successful IPPG Fellowship Degree Program. This program was active for many years in IPPG’s past, and we wish to reinstate this and keep it active in the years to come.

There are other fantastic ways to earn degrees and certification through PPA. This IPPG program “brings it down to a local level” and engages everyone within our guild, whether you’re a PPA member or not. With this superb program, you’ll be able to earn “merits” for participation and service within the guild. As you earn awards, you’ll receive ribbons and medals to wear with pride at guild meetings. It’s a great way to gain recognition from your peers for your service and print competitions, to build camaraderie within our community and to celebrate each other’s professional journey.


Program Rules & Award Categories

For more information on eligibility, rules and credit categories, please refer to this document (revised 2.14.18).


Submitting Merits & Supporting Documentation

Use the form below to submit your merits to the Fellowship Recorder. This must be completed prior to the November membership meeting each year.

You can make submissions throughout the year for easier documentation & tracking – just include new credits on subsequent submissions (we’ll add it all up for you!). Do NOT repeat entries you have already made earlier in the year!

Or, you can make one submission prior to November meeting.

Service and Print merits submitted may be subject to verification (e.g. program, receipt, email). If additional documentation is requested, those can be submitted using this form or in hardcopy to the Fellowship Recorder. Attached files must be .jpg, .gif, .pdf or .jpeg. Max file size is 1mb each.

If you have any questions, please contact our Fellowship Recorder or send a message via our Contact form located on the main menu.

PPA verifcation information can be obtained from My PPA at https://www.ppa.com/my-ppa/achievements#merits
● Log on to www.ppa.com
● Select My Achievements, Merits & Degrees tab
● Click Generate Merit Report


Online Submission Form

Please complete the relevant information below and click “Send.” You will receive an email confirmation of your submission (from wordpress@prophotowebsites.com). If you don’t see this email, please be sure to check your spam / junk mail folder.

This form needs to be completed using a desktop computer or larger tablet. 

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