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Welcome to the blog site of the Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild, and thank you for being here.

The Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild Is A Not For Profit Organization Dedicated To The Advancement Of Professional Photographers. We Accomplish This Task Through Education, Competitions, and Monthly Meetings.

Looking For A Professional Photographer? Check out our membership list and choose from over 70 professional photographers with a wide variety of specialties, styles, and products.

Aspiring or Professional Photographer Looking For A Great Organization? Check out IPPG first hand by attending one of our monthly meetings. We have great speakers on a wide variety of photographic and business subjects.

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What is IPPG?

The Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild is a 501 c6 which was incorporated in 1962 to serve Marion County professional photographers. It has since expanded to serve photographers all across central Indiana and beyond. With its unique position as an affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America, IPPG is able to provide PPA-endorsed continuing education to those who wish to pursue PPA’s professional degrees and certifications. While the focus of the group is professional photographers, IPPG now welcomes all photographers including non-professionals and students. 


Why join? 

Whether you are a beginning photographer or an experienced professional, IPPG offers the opportunity for fellowship and advancement through networking and educational opportunities. Long time professionals enjoy our group for the opportunity to socialized with lifelong friends and colleagues and for the opportunity to help the newcomers. Younger photographers join for the support and encouragement available from our more senior members and for the continuing education opportunities. Members regularly comment how much they have learned and developed in their skills as a result in their involvment with IPPG. Many members can testifiy to people in the group who have helped them with brainstorming ideas, troublshooting equitment and software, mentoring, helping them improve in competition, or providing business referrals. In short, IPPG provides photographers with community and professional development.

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